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There have been some exciting developments at TQ

TQ Connect
TQ Connect is our remote access software. TQ Connect generates quotes which clients can view on their tablets/laptops and accept. Once accepted, TQ Connect instructs our New Business team to open a file and goes back to the client to ask all the questions needed to complete the questionnaire and (on sales) the property information forms; and upload required documents e.g. ID, planning permissions. The completed questionnaires then go to our Reception team to process. The client will then receive automated emails as the transaction progresses and will be able to view their secure page.
Upgraded case management system
We’ve recently upgraded our case management and accounts syste; this enables us to work more quickly and efficiently and to provide more transparent data to clients and referrers.
Paperless office
We are now as paperless as we can be. With TQ Connect, the start of every routine transaction is automated. Our contracts reports are now sent by email with a zip file containing all the enclosures. The only letters we now send out are those attaching documents requiring a wet signature e.g. mortgage deeds. Our archiving has been paperless for some years now.
Service standards
We always do our very best to provide a prompt and efficient service, but its important for our staff, referrers and clients to know the benchmarks. So have recently published our key service standards for all our teams including our support teams.
Our office premises
We now have 50 staff at TQ, including six directors; and we have outgrown our office at no. 54¬†¬†Church Street so we have recently acquired next door, no. 52. We’ve revamped the building and have been in there since January. Reception remains at no. 54. If you’re interested, you can have a virtual tour of no. 54 by clicking on the tab at the top of this page.
Onwards & upwards!
We are a specialist, progressive 21st century business. Our objective is to provide a first class service to our clients. We’re going to continue to strive, every day, to get better and better as our aim is to delight all those who work with us.

Our Growth

Over the last two years our turnover has increased by over 30% a year. We have recently increased our office size by 50% and our staff numbers by 30% to enable us to cater for this growth. Continue Reading